Real Estate Express Course Review

How Does It Work?

Real Estate Express was the first online education platform that received certification and approval from ARELLO. In this sense, this platform can provide online courses in a variety of formats that you can pick from.

These include livestream courses, videos, interactive Q & As, webinars as well as text-based study.

Once you pick a state that you want to take the test in, you can move on to picking a pricing option that works for you and your requirements. You can also access all your course-related information and classes through their online platform or portal that will track your progress.

Once your course starts, you will need to complete all the units and requirements so that you can give your licensing exam, following which you will receive a completion certificate.

It is important to note that you will need to confirm the state-specific requirements through the relevant licensing body. However, all the courses are state-approved so you can rest assured of the authenticity and quality.

What Do They Offer?

Real Estate Express offers several courses and packages for pre-licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing upgrades as well as continuing education, all of which you can access in online formats.

Within each course, you will be able to gain access to all kinds of learning material such as documents, videos, webinars, projects, quizzes, prompts, instructor support and other tips on passing the licensing exam.

The courses are also designed using a Smart Bites system that breaks down the information for you so that it becomes more accessible and easier to understand as well as retain.

Since these courses are accessible online, you can take them from any location and device, offering a good amount of flexibility to your learning methods. Thus, no matter when and where you access your course, the online portal will be able to track and monitor your progress so that you can come back to it whenever you want.

You can also expect state-specific knowledge and guides based on the requirements that you need to fulfill before giving your exam.

Do They Offer a Pass Guarantee?

Real Estate Express offers a pass guarantee for all of its courses. This means that the quality of the education is guaranteed to you so that you can pass your licensing test for certain within a single or few attempts.

If you do not pass your test, then you can get your money back in the form of a refund, thus ensuring that you do not waste too much money on your courses.

In case you do not pass on the first attempt, you can take some useful practice assessments as well.

However, not all states have this kind of policy, so you will need to confirm this for your own state before selecting a course.

This guarantee is not available with the Basics package.

Unique Features

You can access some of the following unique features through the courses offered by Real Estate Express.

You can access livestream and pre-approved courses through this platform while also being able to interact with your instructors.
The learning management system is convenient and can help you track and maintain your progress using pacing prompts.

The Smart Bites methodology can make learning a lot simpler and accessible so that you can retain the information for a longer period.
The platform offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a pass-or-don’t-pay guarantee.

Self-Paced or Not?

The courses on offer on this platform are all self-paced, which means that you can take them whenever you want. You will, however, need to complete them within a certain deadline, whether that is months or a year away.

You will also need to attend scheduled live classes or sessions at the given time. Apart from that, however, you can access the units at your own pace as long as you are ready in time for the test.

This can give you a good amount of flexibility.

Price Options

There are four main pricing options for the pre-licensing courses that you can pick from. These are as follows.

  • The Basics: This package offers instructor support, free ebooks and a bunch of courses that you are required to take before your test.
  • Exam Preparation: This includes all the features of the Basics package along with a pass guarantee and exam prep resources.
  • Exam Preparation Plus: Apart from the elements of the Exam Preparation package, you can also access a live crammer series, a dictionary as well as a Q & A session.
  • Ultimate Learning: This offers the features of the previous package along with a printed textbook, a boot camp and a year-long professional development membership.

The exact pricing of each package depends on the state as well as the course contents. However, you can expect a price range between $80 and $700.

You can also access separate livestream package options if you want to focus on that format exclusively.

Instructor Support

No matter which package you choose, you will be able to access instructor support whenever you require it. Of course, with more advanced packages, the extent and quality of support that you get will also increase.

You can also gain access to an advisor that you can contact at any time if you need additional support. The instructors are further state-approved and highly qualified, allowing you to take their courses with interactive and easy-to-understand elements, tips and graphics.

Do They Offer an App?

Real Estate Express does not offer an app that you can download on your phone and device. This can be a bit inconvenient if you do not want to use your browser.

However, the online portal of this platform is extremely convenient and accessible to use, allowing you to keep up with your courses while also tracking your progress.

The learning management system can further provide you with prompts to allow you to complete your course requirements on time so that you can be prepared for your licensing test well in advance.

You can access this portal through any device, which can make it easier to not have access to an app.

Do They Service All 50 States?

This platform offers pre-licensing services and courses in nearly 40 states in the United States, making it a diverse and accessible platform. However, the extent of services offered is likely to vary depending on the state, so make sure you confirm that beforehand.

Further, all the courses offered are state-approved by the respective licensing bodies so if a state is not on this platform’s list, then this might be because they have not yet received approval from that state.

Customer Support

This platform can offer plenty of customer support if you require it. They have their own FAQs page that you can access in case you have a general query or doubt.

Apart from that, you can contact them through their online form, email, text or phone. You can also ask them for support for changing courses, requesting receipts, gaining access to your certificate and more.

Overall Online Reviews Standings

Real Estate Express aims to provide 100% satisfaction. You can access some of their online reviews from previous students here.

You can also go through other online reviews. The Better Business Bureau provides them with an A rating, ensuring quality and authenticity in terms of their courses.

Continuing Education

This platform offers a range of continuing education courses across all 50 states of the US that you can then pick from. All of these courses are state approved and are self-paced and accessible.

These courses are also individually priced, allowing you to pick one or more of your choice. You can also look into some packages if offered for your state.

Apart from that, there are webinars, correspondence courses, memberships and instructor support that you can easily gain access to by registering for them. These are all taken by experts and professionals in the field and can give you access to a lot of resources and material.

Final Verdict

Overall, Real Estate Express is certainly a great choice when it comes to online and livestream pre-licensing, post-licensing and continuing education courses. They use unique and accessible methods of learning and provide services to most states in the US along with a pass guarantee.

You will, however, need to find a package and price option that works well for you.

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