Kaplan Real Estate Course Review

Is it worth taking the courses offered by Kaplan? How good are these courses? You can find out more about this platform by going through this detailed review, based on which you can then make your choice.

How Does It Work?

Kaplan offers courses either through in-person classes, online study as well as text-based research or even a combination of all of these. This can make it flexible and convenient for you to decide an approach based on your availability and requirements.

The instructors that carry out these courses are also experts and professionals from the industry, allowing you to get a realistic idea about what the test requires from you and how you can advance in your career as a real estate agent.

Since Kaplan caters to multiple states in the US, you will need to pick your state and decide on the course that you want to undertake, based on which you will need to pay the fees, complete the course requirements, take the test and also pass it to move on to the next stage.

Once you manage to complete your course and pass your exam, you will receive a certificate of completion and your state licensing board will also be made aware of your certification.

The courses are all also state-approved depending on their own set of requirements.

What Do They Offer?

Kaplan offers courses for pre-licensing, exam preparation as well as continuing education that you can access depending on your requirement levels. You can also pick the format in which you want to learn, such as live online instruction, pre-recorded video courses, self-paced online courses or home study solutions.

Within each course, you will be able to gain access to several materials and resources that can help you become more aware of all the concepts you should know that will be able to help you out in your test and career.

There will further be various units (usually around 30) within each course that you opt for that you should aim to complete within the ultimate deadline. You will also have access to quizzes, practice assessments, tips, instructors, a professional coach, business-related advice and a lot more.

Of course, how much of this you will have access to will depend on the kind of package or option that you choose.

Do They Offer a Pass Guarantee?

Kaplan does not offer a pass guarantee but it certainly has a high passing rate of nearly 76%. This means that 76% of the students who take Kaplan courses go on to pass the real estate licensing test within a certain number of attempts.

This can act as a reassurance of Kaplan’s courses being reliable and of good quality.

The lack of a pass guarantee can act as a disadvantage for this platform since many other similar platforms usually allow you to request a refund if you do not pass your tests within a few attempts.

Unique Features

There are several unique features that you can anticipate through the Kaplan real estate courses, some of which include the following.

  • There are multiple formats in which you can take your courses such as live classes, pre-recorded videos, online instruction and home study, giving you a good amount of flexibility.
  • You can take these courses from any device and location while also ensuring that your progress will be saved and logged in the online portal or learning system.
  • The courses are all approved by the respective state licensing boards so that you can fulfill your licensing requirements through Kaplan.
  • You will receive all the relevant study material as well as reliable instructor support once you register for these courses.
  • After completion and passing, you will receive a certificate that can provide proof of your commitment and fulfillment of relevant requirements.

Self-Paced or Not?

Most of the courses that Kaplan offers are self-paced since all the formats take place online. You can, however, opt for live online classes that you will need to attend according to a set schedule.

Apart from these live classes, all the other formats are self-paced, allowing you to take them whenever you are free. This can give you a lot of flexibility while also being able to complete the course from any device.

No matter what format you opt for, your progress will be saved accurately in the online portal so that you can continue learning the next units in your course without needing to start over.

Price Options

Kaplan offers various packages for their courses that you can opt for based on your requirements as well as the requirements of your state. You can go through these packages briefly below.

Complete Package: This package offers a textbook library, interactive groups, exam prep resources, practice tests as well as online interactions with a mentor.
Career Launcher Package: This package includes features of the Complete package along with a Real Estate Accelerator boot camp for coaching.
Carnegie Career Launcher Package: This package includes all the features of the Career Launcher package in addition to an OnDemand course of Dale Carnegie’s Win Friends and Influence People.

Each of these packages comes with a certain number of hours of content depending on the nature of the course and the state that it caters to. Each also has multiple study formats that you can access.

The price range of these courses can vary, although they usually tend to fall within $1,000. This is a bit more expensive as compared to other such platforms.

Instructor Support

All the instructors that take these courses offered by Kaplan are professionals and experts in the real estate field, allowing you to access their support whenever you need some additional knowledge or guidance.

Further, no matter what course or package you opt for, you will be able to gain access to this kind of instructor support at all times, including mentorship. With more advanced plans, however, the quality and extent of instructor support are likely to increase.

You can also contact them personally through their emails.

Do They Offer an App?

Kaplan offers an app through which you can access and take your courses. This can make it highly convenient for you to take your courses at any given time and location unless the courses are live at a given moment.

The app can also track and monitor your progress to quite an extent, allowing you to measure what you have completed and how much of your course is still remaining.

You can also get other information related to your course through this app such as your schedule, next unit in the course, your instructor’s information, exam-related notices and more.

Do They Service All 50 States?

Kaplan offers real estate licensing courses that cater to nearly 24 states. You can, therefore, check whether or not your state-related courses and requirements are available on this platform.

Apart from that, Kaplan can offer exam preparation and support for all 50 states even if they do not offer courses. This can help you understand the requirements and the next steps that you can take to move forward.

The courses are further pre-approved by the state licensing boards so that they can allow you to meet the relevant criteria through the course.

Customer Support

You can access customer support through the Kaplan live chat feature as well as through phone or email. You can speak to their representatives in case you have any queries about your course. They also have an FAQs page that you can access.

Overall Online Reviews Standings

Kaplan has a good overall rating as well as several student success stories. In terms of flexibility and formats, this platform can be one of the best ones out there although the prices can be a bit high.

They also have a rating of 4.2 on Trustpilot.

Continuing Education

You can access multiple continuing education courses through Kaplan, each of which is individually priced according to the content as well as the state.

All of these courses are approved by the states, allowing you to fulfill some additional requirements for your license and career. You can also take them in any format of your choice such as live online courses, home study and on-demand video courses.

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