How to Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in New Hampshire

New Hampshire License Basic Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have at least a high school diploma or GED to apply for a real estate salesperson’s license in New Hampshire.
  • You must complete and show proof of 40 hours of approved pre-licensing education before the day of the exam.
  • This must be done with at least 32 hours of classroom attendance and a maximum of eight hours of distance education. And it must be done within six months of the date of the exam. 
  • The pre-licensing education can be completed from any of the instructors from this list.
  • You can skip the course if you are an active member of the New Hampshire Bar and are qualified under the real estate license law.
  • You must take the exam within three months of registration.
  • The test provider PSI will send a notification after which you must book an appointment for the exam here.

NH Real Estate License Costs

  • Real Estate Agent Education in Wyoming: $200
    to $800 (approx.)
  • Exam Fee: $155

Helpful Tips

  • Real Estate Salesperson Test application form
  • The New Hampshire Real Estate Exam Candidate Handbook.
  • This is where you apply for the license after passing the exam.
  • You can check out one of the pre-licensing course options here.
  • In the post-COVID world, some classes have been shifted to Zoom. Check it out here.
  • Here are some books that will help you prepare.

STEP 1: Complete the Pre-licensing Education

You need to sign up for a pre-licensing course with any of the accredited instructors. The list is available here. This is a mandatory 40-hour course that you need to do and pass, to be eligible to take the real estate salesperson exam. This will cost you about $400.

You need to pass an exam and be certified to be eligible for the state real estate exam. This exam will have 140 multiple-choice questions that you need to complete in 3.5 hours. The exam is divided into national and state portions, like your final licensing exam. The national portion has 100 questions and the state portion has 40 questions. You need to get 70/100 and 28/40 correct answers to pass the exam. 

STEP 2: Apply For State License

Within six months of passing the pre-licensing exam, you must apply to the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission. You can do this once you get clearance from PSI, the test holder. The registration fee is $155 for salespersons. 

You can register online by accessing PSI’s website. Create an account with your email ID, pick a center based on your zip code and pick a date for the exam. You can also call at 1(800) 733-9267 and book an appointment.

You must bring two forms of ID to the exam hall. At least one of them must be a government-issued photo ID with your signature.

Choose one of these for your primary ID (with photo): 

  1. State-issued driver’s license
  2. State-issued ID card
  3. US Government Issued Passport
  4. US Government Issued Military Identification Card
  5. US Government Issued Alien Registration Card

For a secondary ID, choose from:

  1. Credit card (must have your signature)
  2. Debit card (must have your signature)
  3. Wholesale store card (like COSTCO and must have your signature)

You must pass the national and state portions of the exam to be eligible for the license. If you pass only one part, you can take eight attempts to pass the second, within the next six months. You need to pay the exam fee again and send the original score report. Failing that, you will have to take the pre-licensing course again and apply for the exam.

You can apply even if you have a criminal record but you must disclose it to the Commission. Your application will be sent to the Division of Criminal Justice Information Systems and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation where you will be investigated. If all goes well, you will be approved to apply for the exam. 

You will have to renew the license every two years at the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission. It will cost you $90 to apply for a salesperson license.

STEP 3: Pass the State License Test

Your school will ideally give you plenty of practice test papers and an actual test too. But you will find resources otherwise too on the internet. 

The question paper has two portions as mentioned before. This is the breakdown:

Portion # of Scored Items (points) Time Allowed Passing Score
National 80 items (80 points) 150 Minutes 56 points
State 40 items (40 points) 90 Minutes 28 points
TOTAL 120 items (120 points) 240 minutes 84 points

In the General Portion

I. Property ownership (Salesperson 8%; Broker 10%)

II. Land use controls and regulations (Salesperson 5%; Broker 5%)

III. Valuation and market analysis (Salesperson 7%; Broker 7%)

IV. Financing (Salesperson 10%; Broker 8%)

V. General principles of agency (Salesperson 13%; Broker 11%)

VI. Property disclosures (Salesperson 6%; Broker 7%)

VII. Contracts (Salesperson 17%; Broker 18%)

VIII. Leasing and Property Management (Salesperson 3%; Broker 5%)

IX. Transfer of Title (Salesperson 8%; Broker 7%)

X. Practice of real estate (Salesperson 13%; Broker 14%)

XI. Real estate calculations (Salesperson 10%; Broker 8%)

In the State-specific Portion

I. Real Estate Commission (3 Items)

II. Licensure (5 Items)

III. Regulation of Licensee Conduct (11 Items)

IV. Regulation of Agency Conduct (11 Items)

V. New Hampshire Principles and Practice (10 Items)

You must get at least 70% in both portions to pass the exam. 

This is a computer-based exam that includes a tutorial. The time for the exam starts only after the tutorial ends. The score will be given to you right away.

To apply for the license, you will need the original score report and your license application. You can apply for licensure here. You can also call the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission at 603-271-2219.

Once you send the properly completed application form with the original score report, the process will begin.

STEP 4: Finding a Brokerage

In New Hampshire, unlike some other states, you don’t have to sign on with a licensed brokerage firm before you apply for the license. So you have some more time to think about the kind of brokerage you want to join. Your first year as a real estate agent or salesperson is crucial. You have a lot to learn and quite literally have a lot of ground to cover. And the very first firm you join can help you with a lot of this.

How does a newbie make that choice? Well, to begin with, you need to figure out what kind of brokerage you want to be associated with. There are three types of brokerages: National, boutique and virtual.

There are many ways to find a brokerage in New Hampshire. But you must also make sure that the brokerage is one that will guide and nurture you for a while. Otherwise, you will end up wanting to abandon ship within the first year. To avoid that, here’s a few things to look out for:

Yelp Help

When you look for companies, make sure you check their rating on Yelp. Now, this is an old-fashioned way of checking so it might not always pan out. Plus, every review here must be taken with a pinch of salt. But if there are too many negative reviews, you know what to do.

OK, Google

A quick Google search actually leads you in many directions. One of the threads is media reports. You want to make sure that the press your brokerage has gotten is positive. Because this is also what many clients do nowadays. If the reputation of the firm has taken a hit for whatever reason, yours will too. 


Ideally, the brokerage has a website which is dynamic and has updated information about their dealings. This is just as important as positive reviews and press mentions because it is also one of the things most clients look at. You can also gauge the amount of tech support they possibly offer by looking at their website. In the least, you will get an idea of their tech prowess.

Word of Mouth

This one is an old technique. But it works like a charm especially if you are opting for a boutique brokerage. What do the people in the locality think? This is crucial because this is probably where you will be networking.

You know most of these already. So make sure they are somewhere at the back of your head when your search begins and you should be fine.

This is the first step towards your career as a professional real estate salesperson. While picking the right kind of brokerage, you must look at the commission split, your expenses and the kind of leads to expect from the firm.


STEP 5: Post-learning Requirements

New Hampshire does not have any post-licensing requirements. However, you need to renew your license within two years. And for that, you need to fulfil some continuing education needs.

The state needs you to do 15 hours of this which is divided into 12 elective hours and three core hours. The CE Shop offers two packages for $109 and $139. There are several individual courses which are all under $30.  This is all the information you need. So get going and good luck.

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