How to Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Missouri

Missouri Real Estate License Basic Requirements

Some of the prerequisites for becoming a real estate sales agent in Missouri include:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must have completed 72 hours of approved pre-licensing education
  • You must pass the course final exam with a minimum score of 75%
  • You must also pass the Missouri real estate examination
  • You must get your background check/fingerprint check done
  • You must submit a completed real estate license application
  • You must successfully complete an approved 72 clock-hour pre-licensing course

Missouri Real Estate License Costs

  • Real Estate Agent Education in Missouri: $250
    to $600 (approx.)
  • Exam Fee: $41.75

Helpful Tips

STEP 1: Pre-license Education

If you are 18 years of age, you can apply for a Missouri real estate salesperson license after completing a 48-hour pre-exam certificate of satisfactory completion of the salesperson course from an accredited Missouri real estate school on or before the exam date. It is a two-part course and you must complete both before submitting the application for the license. You must also take a 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course (MREP) before or after the exam date.

Within six months of completing the course-end exam, you must submit a completed application. If you are a licensed attorney, you do not have to do the course but must pass both portions of the Missouri salesperson examination. You are also required to submit the completed application form within six months of passing the exam.

In case you pass only one part of the exam you can repeat the failed portion of the exam and submit the application within six months of passing the first exam. A copy of the current bar card must be provided with the application for the license.

A current and active real estate license in another jurisdiction is valid and you can write just the state portion of the Missouri salesperson exam. But you must complete

the 24-hour MREP before submitting the license application.

Before applying, you must also submit your fingerprints to IDEMIA (IdentoGo) for a Missouri and federal criminal history background check. Only after it has been cleared will your application be accepted. For this, you can register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) or contact IDEMIA (IdentoGo) directly. You will first have to be registered to be fingerprinted and authorize the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the FBI to send the results to the Missouri Real Estate Commission.

You have to pay $41.75 to IDEMIA (IdentoGo) of which IDEIA receives $8.50; the Missouri Highway Patrol receives $20.00 and the FBI receives $13.25. The Missouri Real Estate Commission does take any payment for the fingerprint checking. You can pay onsite with a credit/debit card, money order or cash.

You can register with PSI Online Exams to take the test online or at one of the centers by submitting an online for and paying $62. It is not an open-book exam. You will be given a 4-hour, 140 multiple-choice questions exam where the state and the national portions will be mixed. You must get 70 correct answers in the national portion and 30 in the state.

Once you have passed the exam and cleared the background check, submit your application to get your license.

STEP 2: Submit a Completed Application

Where to Apply

In Missouri, your passing score report obtained from the exam site is in itself your application for the license. The score and your photo will be pre-printed on the document. The second page carries detailed instructions. When you apply for licensure after writing the examination, you do not need to fill an application.

Send the details to the following address:

Real Estate Commission
3605 Missouri Boulevard
P.O. Box 1339
Jefferson City, MO  65102-1339

Application Fees

The license fee costs $90, of which $50 is for the application fees and $40 for the original license.

Apart from this, you have to pay around $42 for the fingerprinting and background check and $62 for the licensing examination fee.

If your credit card transaction is declined or the check you gave returns for because of non-sufficient funds (NSF) you will be levied a charge of $25 as handling fee.

Proof of Pre-licensing Requirements

You must show proof of having completed your pre-licensing education. As a first-time licensee candidate, you are expected to show your completion certificate for passing two pre-licensing courses. In addition to a 48-hour Missouri Salesperson Pre-Examination Course, to be completed before the licensing exam, you must also complete a 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course.

You should also have completed the fingerprint check and have received a clean chit from the FBI.

Legal Document Requirements

Once you have completed your 48-hour pre-examination course, submit your application for the license to the Missouri Real Estate Commission within the next six months. If you are not required to undergo the course, then submit proof of having completed both portions of the examination six months prior to applying for the license to the Missouri Real Estate Commission. The reverse side of your passing score report contains instructions on how to apply for your license.

Get yourself fingerprinted to get your background cleared of any Missouri or federal criminal history. Contact IDEMIA (IdentoGo) to get your fingerprinting done and get the report before applying for the license.

STEP 3: Pass the State License Test

The 4-hour Missouri Real Estate Salesperson Examination consists of two partsa national and a state portion. If you have obtained an exemption for the national level, then you will have to attempt the state portion of the examination. For those taking both, the multiple-choice questions will be intermixed and not be administered as distinct sections. You will be initially given some time to become familiar with the computer and the exam format before your time starts kicking.

In the National Salesperson Examination, you will be tested on 11 content areas and will have 100 questions. The state portion, approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission, tests your knowledge on areas that are needed for those practicing in the Missouri real estate market. This will have 40 questions.

You have to get 70 answers correct in the national portion and 30 in the state portion. You will be asked to meet the testing supervisor on completing the exam and will be given your score report that carries the result and diagnostic information in case you did not pass.

Topics Covered in the Course

The national portion has the following topics:

  • Property Ownership
  • Land Use Controls and Regulations
  • Valuation and Market Analysis
  • Financing
  • General Principles of Agency
  • Property Disclosures
  • Contracts
  • Leasing and Property Management
  • Transfer of Title
  • Practice of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Calculations

State Portion:

  • General Rules
  • Licenses
  • Educational Requirements
  • Business Conduct and Practices
  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Computations and Closings

Time Given to Take the Test

Your exam will be for four hours and will have a national and a state portion. The questions will be intermixed and the exam will be timed. At the end of four hours, the exam will expire so keep track of time, which will be displayed on the screen. You can turn this off but make sure you keep track of time and pace your responses so that you attempt all the questions. This will increase your chances of passing.

You will be given some time initially to get familiar with the examination format and this will not be counted in the four hours.

You will get your scorecard at the end of the test with information about whether you have passed or failed. If you have not passed, you will also be given information on where you went wrong. If you passed in one, then you can reapply for the license within six months of the first passing exam score.

What to Bring to the Exam

When you go to the test center for writing the exam, you will be expected to carry with you two forms of identification. One of it should be issued by the government, have your name, signature and photograph such as a driver’s license or state identification card. Expired or temporary ones will not be accepted. Apart from this, you will be asked to sign a roster for verification.

In addition to this, you must also have an identification that has your name and signature, such as a credit card or Social Security card, for your signature verification. In case of a difference between the names in your registration and your identification, bring proof such as a marriage license or a court order. Proper identification is very essential for being allowed to write the exam so make sure it is in order. You will not be given a refund of examination fees if you are not allowed to write due to discrepancies in the identification proof.

Carry your calculator but make sure that it is silent and non-programmable, does not have an alphabetic keypad or printing capabilities.

STEP 4: Apply and Obtain Your License

Having decided to explore a career option in real estate in Missouri, your first step would be to sign up for a course at one of the real estate schools approved by MREC for a 72-hour course. At the end of the course, you must appear for an exam that contains a national portion and a state portion.

This is a four-hour exam with 100 questions for the national portion and 40 for the state portion. You must score 70 and 30 in the two portions respectively to pass. You will get a scorecard at the end of the test.

Meanwhile, you must also get your fingerprinting done to clear you of any criminal history at the state or national level.

The reverse side of your scorecard has instructions. Submit the scorecard as instructed to MREC. You can start practicing only after you receive your license, which will be sent to the broker you are affiliated to.

You must also complete a 24-hour MREP course before or after the exam.

STEP 5: Finding a Brokerage

Congratulations on setting out to create a career for yourself. However, like every other field, being a real estate agent also holds its own promises and challenges. For someone just entering the field, there are many questions that are bound to arise in your mind:

  • Can you be on your own or be associated with a brokerage firm?
  • Should that brokerage be of national standing or a boutique?

Since even to get the license you need to be associated with a broker, do some research and find one that suits your life and career goals. As an agent, you have to earn enough to sustain you even during lean months. So you need someone who will be supportive, help with lead generations and pay you well.

The Reputation of the Firm

Without a doubt, the first criterion would be to assess the reputation of the different firms in the neighborhood you want to work in and choose one which is well respected.

National vs Boutique

Whether it is a national level large player or a localized boutique firm will depend on the kind of support you are looking for. A large player will have resources such as technology, training and leads that you can benefit from. You may also find it easy to move states if required.

But you may find them too process driven that can curb creativity and independence. You may also feel it is too impersonal. A boutique firm, on the other hand, provides a more personalized environment and greater independence.

Commission Split

Most agents don’t earn a salary but are given a commission. This can be of three types:

  • High split, where you may get as much as 100% commission but have to pay the brokerage firm a fee for using their resources regardless of whether you have business or not.
  • Next is the traditional split, where you and the brokerage firm share 50:50 and is quite fair and gives modest returns.
  • The third and probably the best is the hybrid split where you get a certain percentage in the early days and then it increases as you start achieving your financial goals.

Your personality and roadmap for the future will determine which option you go for. Make sure you get the details in writing so that you can compare the offer from the different firms carefully and comfortably and make an informed choice.

STEP 6: Post-learning Requirements

For renewing your license at the end of two years, you are required to complete twelve hours of MREC-approved real estate continuing education credit. Of this, you must have done at least three hours of core credit and nine hours of elective.

If you’re looking for a continuing education course for your real estate agent license in Missouri, you can take a look at The CE Shop. They offer a comprehensive 12-hour package at $85 and also individual courses that cost as little as $29 per course.

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