How to Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Kansas

Kansas Real Estate License Basic Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You should have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You should not have been convicted of any felony within a particular time frame.

Kansas Real Estate License Costs

  • Real Estate Agent Education in Kansas: $150 to $400 (approx.)
  • Exam Fee: $82
  • Exam Retake Fee: $75
  • Background Check Fee: $60
  • License Application: $15
  • License Fee: $125

Helpful Tips

  • Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC)
  • To take the Kansas Licensure exam, you must sign up on PearsonVUE. The PearsonVUE Real Estate Candidate Handbook contains all the information regarding the exam procedures, scheduling, etc.
  • Test Locations: Kansas City, Wichita, Hays, Topeka and Overland Park
  • Additional Test Locations: Fort Riley, Salina, Emporia, Pittsburgh and Garden City
  • You can join Real Estate Express to prepare for your real estate license exam
  • Online resources or exam preparation: CE Shop

STEP 1: Pre-licensing Education

To get a real estate license in Kansas, you need to complete 60 hours of courses from an accredited school:

  • Principles of Real Estate Course: The course includes topics such as legal concerns, understanding real estate documents and basic math (30 hours).
  • Kansas Practice Course: The course is for both residents, as well as non-residents of Kansas and the certificate must be filed 6 months after completion of the course (30 hours).

If the requirements for licensure are met in another jurisdiction, then there is no need to do the Principles of Real Estate course.

STEP 2: Submit a Completed Application

Once you complete the pre-licensing education, you must take the exam of the school and once you pass the exam, you can download and print the certificate. You must carry the certificate with you to the exam venue when you’re taking the Kansas Licensure exam.

Where to Apply

To take the Kansas Licensure exam, you must sign up on PearsonVUE. The PearsonVUE Real Estate Candidate Handbook contains all the information regarding the exam procedures, scheduling, etc. The exam is held in the following Kansas locations – Kansas City, Wichita, Hays, Topeka and Overland Park. Additional testing centers are – Fort Riley, Salina, Emporia, Pittsburgh and Garden City.

Exam Fees

At the time of reservation to take the exam, you need to pay an exam fee of $82 by credit or debit card, electronic check or voucher. You need to pay the exam fees at the time of reservation and the fee will not be accepted at the test venue. The exam fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you are retaking the exam, then you will need to pay a fee of $75.

Kansas does not have any formal license reciprocity agreements with other states. This essentially means that you will have to retake the real estate exams to be re-licensed. However, if the Real Estate Commission determines that your current real estate state license meets their requirements, you may be exempt from taking some of the exams.

STEP 3: Pass the State License Test

The exam is a computer-based, close-book, timed exam. You have a total of 4 hours—2.5 hours for the National section and 1.5 hours for the Kansas state-specific portion. You need to get a score of at least 70% in both sections to pass. Once you pass either the National portion or State portion of the exam, you will get a score for that portion.

If you have passed both sections of the license exam, the scores are valid for 6 months. If you have passed only 1 section of the exam, you must pass the other portion also and complete the license application process before the 1st score expires. If you do not complete the application process within 6 months, you will have to restart the entire process again.

The exam consists of 2 parts—National and Kansas State portions. The national portion of the exam is for 120 minutes and consists of 80 questions. The state section of the exam is for 60 minutes and consists of 30 questions.

Topics Covered in the Test

The topics and the breakup of the number of questions in the National portion of the exam include:

  • Real estate property characteristics, property use and legal description: 9
  • Property value and appraisal: 11
  • Forms of ownership, transfer and recording of title: 8
  • Real estate agency and contracts: 16
  • Real estate practice: 14
  • Property disclosures and environmental issues: 8
  • Financing and settlement: 7
  • Real estate math calculations: 7

The topics and the breakup of the number of questions in the State portion of the exam include:

  • Duties and powers of the Kansas Real Estate Commission: 2
  • Licensing requirements: 4
  • Requirements governing the activities of licensees: 5
  • Prohibited acts: 8
  • Brokerage relationships in real estate transactions act: 11

What to Bring to the Exam Venue?

You need to bring with you:

  • 2 forms of identification with your signature.
  • The photo ID should have your name, which matches the name on the application form exactly when you check into the exam venue.
  • Certificate of completion of the pre-licensing courses.

STEP 4: Apply and Obtain Your License

You need to apply for your license by fax or email within 6 months of passing the exam. You must submit your complete application along with the supporting documentation and fees to the Kansas Real Estate Commission. To apply for your real estate license with the KREC (Kansas Real Estate Commission).

Background Check

You need to undergo a KBI/ FBI criminal background check. You can request a background/ fingerprint kit from the KREC or you can pick one up at the PearsonVUE test center when taking the real estate licensure exam. The fee for the background check is $60 and the report is valid for 6 months.

To apply for a real estate license after passing the exam, you must affiliate with a real estate broker and apply for your real estate license with KREC within 6 months of passing the exam before any of the certificates expire.

You need to send the following to the KREC:

  • The education certificate that you receive once you complete the online exam of the Principles of Real Estate course.
  • Copy of the Kansas Practice Course certificate.
  • 2 scores received from PearsonVUE when you pass the national and state portions of the licensing exam.
  • KBI/FBI criminal background check report
  • License application fee of $15 and license fee of $125.

STEP 5: Finding a Brokerage

Choosing the right real estate brokerage to work with can be a challenge for a newbie. So, if you don’t have a broker in mind, it is a good idea to check out 3 to 5 brokers in your area and set an appointment for an affiliation.

Some questions to ask your prospective employer are:

  • What commission split do they offer?
  • What type of education/training do they provide?
  • Does the firm have a mentoring program?
  • Is the brokerage a member of the National Association of Realtors?
  • What is the company’s advertising policy?
  • What services does the brokerage offer–health insurance, EandO insurance, admin support, etc.?
  • Will you incur any cost to have an office in the brokerage? What are the other costs?
  • Does the brokerage require a contract?
  • Do you need to put in time at the brokerage? If yes, how much and what are the specific tasks?
  • Does the brokerage hold regular staff/sales meetings?
  • How are the referrals delegated?
  • Does the brokerage have a policy handbook?
  • When does the company issue paychecks—once a week, month or after every closing?

How to Find a Real Estate Brokerage in Kansas?

Online Search

You can do a google search for real estate brokerages in Kansas. You can also use the “find a real estate agent” tool of to find active real estate agents in your area. Before you decide on which brokerage you want to join, read employee and customer reviews and feedback about the company on sites like Glassdoor, Yelp, etc.

Real Estate Ads

Check out classifieds and local newspaper ads to see which brokerage firms are advertising. Also, check out which real estate companies are doing TV, radio and billboard advertising. Visit different brokerages and speak to employees before you decide which one you want to join.


Networking is a great way to find a real estate brokerage in Kansas. Get recommendations from friends, family and locals who have bought/sold properties recently.

Find out which brokerages have the best reputation in town and whose business is growing? Look for signs of real estate agents in your community. Attend events, meetings, open houses, etc. to connect with real estate brokerages. Check out LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages and websites of real estate companies in Kansas.

STEP 6: Post-learning Requirements

In Kansas, renewals of the real estate license occur on a staggered schedule. To renew your real estate license, you need to take 12 hours of continuing education (3 hours of mandatory core subjects and 9 hours elective) every 2 years.

The continuing education enables you to stay on top of the real estate industry trends so that you can serve your clients better. The CE Shop offers continuing education courses on their website. The website offers packages for as low as $99 and individual courses from $35 onwards.

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