360training Real Estate Course Review

If you are wondering whether or not you should opt for the courses provided by this platform, you can take a look at our detailed review where will cover a range of aspects so that you can make an informed choice.

How Does It Work?

360training provides a range of online courses that you can then opt for based on your licensing exam requirements as well as the conditions set about by your state.

You will need to find a course that works well for you depending on its contents. This will then be able to equip you with relevant national and state-specific knowledge about real estate licensing and other associated topics.

Most of these courses will have specific hours of content that they will be able to provide. You can then carry out these courses in a flexible manner from any device and location without losing out on any progress that you have made.

These courses are also approved by the respective state licensing boards, so you can certainly expect authenticity from them.

Once you complete the course, you will need to pass a final exam under a proctor as well as your licensing exam.

You can also opt for individual courses for your continuing education or exam prep. Make sure you note the ultimate deadline for each of your courses, if applicable.

What Do They Offer?

360training offers courses for pre-licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing, continuing education as well as support for renewing and upgrading your real estate license.

These courses are all state approved and you can take them at your own pace while also being able to monitor your progress through their online interface. All the courses are also accredited.

Within each course, you can expect a comprehensive structure that will take you through all the contents of the course. The formats of these contents could vary and are generally a combination of videos and documents that you can go through.

You can also access interactive webinars, practice assessments and interactive tips and tutorials.

There is a particular emphasis on ethics and staying updated with recent codes so that you do not face any issues during your licensing exam as well as while you start practicing as an agent.

Do They Offer a Pass Guarantee?

Unfortunately, 360training does not offer a pass guarantee. This can be a negative aspect of this online platform since most other online course providers tend to offer a pass guarantee.

With this pass guarantee, you can usually get your money refunded if you do not pass your licensing exam within a certain number of attempts. This can act as a mark of confidence and quality when it comes to these online courses.

While you can certainly rely on the quality of the courses that Agent Campus by 360training provides, it can be more affordable and accessible to have this option in the first place.

Unique Features

There are several unique features of the course offered by 360training that you can look into below.

You can access your course at any time and from any device since the online system will track and log your progress so that you can pick up where you left off.
This platform puts a lot of emphasis on making the courses accessible so that you can easily understand what is being taught, making it easier for you to pass your licensing exams.

This platform particularly has highly approachable instructors that you can contact whenever you have any doubts or require individual tutoring or advice. These instructors are also experts in the field.

The phone app is quite simple and interactive to use, making your online learning process convenient.

Self-Paced or Not?

All the courses that are provided by 360training are self-paced. This means that there are no restrictions about the timings at which you take your courses and when you should finish them.

This makes the learning process quite flexible, allowing you to devote as much time in a day or week as you wish to. You can also do this from any location of your choice and on any device since the entirety of the courses is online.

There might, however, be an ultimate deadline based on your state requirements so you might need to finish your course in a few months or within a year.

Price Options

There are essentially two main pricing options when it comes to the course packages that 360training offers. These options mainly pertain to the pre-licensing courses. You can look into what these plans offer below.

Basic Salesperson: The Basic Salesperson plan offers a bunch of state-approved courses that cover aspects such as laws, ethics, practices and more. They also come with various learning materials.

Premium Salesperson: This plan includes everything that the Basic Salesperson option includes as well as other features such as business and career-related courses that can help you advance even further.

The number of hours included in each course will depend on the state that you opt for. The price will also depend on this, although the price is usually within $500 unless you want to go for broker pricing.

You can also opt for individual courses instead of packages, each of which will have varying prices. This can work well for continuing education and post-licensing courses.

Overall, the pricing for the courses on this platform is a lot more affordable than other platforms.

Instructor Support

360training offers some great instructor support since there will always be someone that you can contact with your questions and doubts regardless of the kind of package that you own.

In fact, you can contact them at any point in your day or at any stage of your course so that you can get some extra support and tips in case the ones in your course do not answer all your questions for you.

Do They Offer an App?

360training has an app of its own that you can download on your phone or device. Using this app, you can take your course conveniently no matter where you are.

Further, this app can make it much easier for you to access your course dashboard so that you can figure out your schedule, the sequence of your course units (if any), the progress that you have made, the tests that you need to take as well as the point at which you left your course unit the last time you accessed it.

You can also figure out how to contact your instructors through this app.

Do They Service All 50 States?

360training does not service all 50 states when it comes to pre-licensing, post-licensing and continuing education. For pre-licensing, it offers courses that cater to 14 different states in the United States.

You can, however, access exam preparation resources for all 50 states with state-specific information.

Customer Support

360training offers good customer support since you can contact someone from the team every day of the week. You can do this through live chat, email as well as toll-free phone support.

They also have a blog that you can look through in case it solves any of your wider questions.

The customer support is also quite prompt and responsive, ensuring that all your doubts will be solved in time. There might, of course, be a few variations depending on the nature of your query.

Overall Online Reviews Standings

Overall, the online reviews of 360training are good but there are certainly several platforms that can provide better services.

Trustpilot provides this platform with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 while the Better Business Bureau gives it a B rating.

The fact that there is no passing guarantee can be a major downside for this online platform.

Continuing Education

When it comes to continuing education courses that 360training offers, you can access several small packages or even individual courses that can help you advance your career.

All of these courses are state-approved while the price usually falls within $100. These courses can be particularly important if you have supervising requirements in your job.

The number of hours and exact price of each course will depend on the contents as well as the state-specific information. 360training offers continuing education courses for 32 states in the US.

These are also online and self-paced, although they are likely to have an ultimate completion deadline.

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